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Chocolate Coconut Bites (3 pack)

Chocolate Coconut Bites (3 pack)

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Coconuts are the most versatile fruit. They can be used in many forms and provide lots of health benefits. Along with chocolate, they are a powerful combination of antioxidants, an unbeatable energy supplier, and overall immunity booster. Not only these are big on taste and nutrients, the ingredients we use are raw and plant-based.

All-natural, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, grain-free, Non-GMO. No additives and harmful ingredients.

Each pack contains 15g of protein (no whey or soy), and 12+ superfoods!

A healthy and satisfying snack without the guilt!

3 pouches per order, 6 bites per pouch, 15g of protein per pouch, top 14 allergen-free energy brownie bites. Free from gluten, dairy/soy, nuts, sesame, eggs, sugar, alcohol.

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